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Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo January 2003

Some more pictures of the only D4Y in existence.


D4Y Suisei Comet Judy - Page 5

Y4-D4Y-1s.jpg (31K) Y4-D4Y-2s.jpg (41K) Y4-D4Y-3s.jpg (49K) Y4-D4Y-4s.jpg (32K) Y4-D4Y-5s.jpg (57K)
            Left Front (31K)    Right Fuselage (41K)      Right Fuselage (49K)    Right Front (32K)      Right Front (57K)                 

Y4-D4Y-6s.jpg (31K) Y4-D4Y-7s.jpg (31K) Y4-D4Y-8s.jpg (37K) Y4-D4Y-9s.jpg (27K) Y4-D4Y-10s.jpg (50K)
            Left Wing (31K)      Left Rear (31K)       Left Rear (37K)    Left Rear (27K)      Left Tail (50K)              

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