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Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo August 2002

The Ohka is now hanging from the ceiling. It is not possible to get very close to it any longer.


MXY7 Ohka Cherry Blossom - Page 6

Y3-Ohka-1s.jpg (31K) Y3-Ohka-2s.jpg (23K) Y3-Ohka-3s.jpg (37K) Y3-Ohka-4.jpg (23K) Y3-Ohka-5s.jpg (32K)
        Left Front (31K)          Right Side (23K)         Right Fuselage (37K)        Right Front (23K)        Right Fuselage (32K)      

Y3-Ohka-6s.jpg (37K) Y3-Ohka-7s.jpg (30K) Y3-Ohka-8s.jpg (31K)
          Left Fuselage (37K)     Left Rear (30K)       Left Nose (31K)            

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