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Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo August 2002

The D4Y Suisei Comet (Judy) has also been moved to a new display area in the main hall. The Ohka has been hung from the ceiling, and the D4Y is now on the main floor where the Ohka used to be. You can now get very close to the D4Y.


D4Y Suisei Comet Judy - Page 3

Y3-D4Y-1s.jpg (45K) Y3-D4Y-2s.jpg (52K) Y3-D4Y-3s.jpg (54K) Y3-D4Y-4s.jpg (24K) Y3-D4Y-5s.jpg (47K)
      Right Front (45K)      Right Front (52K)        Right Wing (54K)         Left Nose (24K)           Left Side (47K)         

Y3-D4Y-6s.jpg (46K) Y3-D4Y-7s.jpg (24K) Y3-D4Y-8s.jpg (24K) Y3-D4Y-9s.jpg (41K) Y3-D4Y-10s.jpg (37K)
          Left Wing (46K)         Left Rear (24K)       Left Rear (24K)      Left Rear (41K)        Left Tail (37K)         

Y3-D4Y-11s.jpg (45K) Y3-D4Y-12.jpg (44K) Y3-D4Y-13.jpg (42K) Y3-D4Y-14.jpg (46K) Y3-D4Y-15s.jpg (48K)
          Right Rear (45K)       Right Rear (44K)       Right Rear (42K)       Right Rear (46K)         Right Rear (48K)          

Y3-D4Y-16s.jpg (27K) Y3-D4Y-17s.jpg (35K) Y3-D4Y-18.jpg (53K) Y3-D4Y-19s.jpg (38K) Y3-D4Y-20s.jpg (45K)
      Right Rear (27K)         Left Rear (35K)          Left Tail (53K)        Maker Panel (38K)      Left Fuselage (45K)           

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