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Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo August 2002

Visited the Yasukuni Shrine Again in Ichigaya, a suburb of Tokyo. The new displays are quite good. The lighting is now excellent for photography. AND, of course, Harada's A6M5 Zero is now on display in the front lobby.


A6M5 Zero - Page 1

Y3-Zero-1.jpg (44K) Y3-Zero-2.jpg (42K) Y3-Zero-3.jpg (39K) Y3-Zero-4s.jpg (55K) Y3-Zero-5s.jpg (28K)
      Left Side (44K)            Left Side (42K)           Left Side (39K)             Left Front (55K)      Left Gear (28K) 

Y3-Zero-6s.jpg (16K) Y3-Zero-7s.jpg (28K) Y3-Zero-8s.jpg (52K) Y3-Zero-9s.jpg (41K) Y3-Zero-10s.jpg (44K)
      Left Prop (16K)    Left Front (28K)       Left Front (52K)            Left Canopy (41K)           Left Gear (44K)          

Y3-Zero-11s.jpg (24K) Y3-Zero-12s.jpg (45K) Y3-Zero-13s.jpg (40K) Y3-Zero-14s.jpg (67K) Y3-Zero-15s.jpg (37K)
         Left Wing (24K)      Left Fuselage (45K)         Left Front (40K)           Right Rear (67K)        Right Rear (37K)       

Y3-Zero-16s.jpg (49K) Y3-Zero-17s.jpg (40K) Y3-Zero-18s.jpg (38K) Y3-Zero-19s.jpg (62K) Y3-Zero-20s.jpg (42K)
        Right Rear (49K)      Right Rear (40K)        Right Tail (38K)         Left Tail (62K)          Left Front (42K)         

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