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Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo June 2000

Visited the Yasukuni Shrine Again in Ichigaya, a suburb of Tokyo. It had rained a lot, so I went back because I had heard that the museum had been re-arranged on the second floor. This could open up some photo angles that were previously impossible. When I arrived, I found that my information was correct.

This time I also brought along my 80-200 mm lens since I was going to use that for the H8K Emily pictures later (I Hoped).


D4Y Suisei Comet Judy - Page 1

D4Y-Canopy-1.jpg (29K) D4Y-DualCowlFlaps-1.jpg (31K) D4Y-Exhaust-1.jpg (21K) D4Y-LeftMainGear-1.jpg (18K) D4Y-LeftRear-10.jpg (37K)
D4Y Canopy (29K)     D4Y Dual Cowl Flaps (31K)     D4Y Engine Exhaust (21K)   D4Y Left Main Gear (18K)     D4Y Left Rear (37K) 

D4Y-LeftRear-4.jpg (46K) D4Y-LeftRear-6.jpg (41K) D4Y-LeftRear-7.jpg (22K) D4Y-LeftRear-8.jpg (28K) D4Y-LeftWing-1.jpg (40K)
  D4Y Left Rear (46K)        D4Y Left Rear (41K)      D4Y Left Rear (22K)      D4Y Left Rear (28K)     D4Y Left Side (40K)

D4Y-LowRear-2.jpg (35K) D4Y-MakerPanel-2.jpg (28K) D4Y-Nose-1.jpg (25K) D4Y-NoseLeft-1.jpg (28K) D4Y-Rear-1.jpg (40K)
D4Y Low Rear (35K)     D4Y Maker Panel (28K)   D4Y Nose Closeup (25K)   D4Y Nose Left Closeup (28K)        D4Y Rear (40K)  

D4Y-Rear-2.jpg (44K) D4Y-RearGun-1.jpg (24K) D4Y-RearGun-2.jpg (26K) D4Y-RightFront-1.jpg (31K) D4Y-RightMainGear-2.jpg (27K)
   D4Y Rear (44K)        D4Y Rear Gun (24K)     D4Y Rear Gun (26K)     D4Y Right Front (31K)      D4Y Right Main Gear Closeup (27K)

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