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Museo dell' Aeronautica Gianni Caproni - Trento, Italy - May 2005


Savoia-Marchetti SM-79 Sparviero - Page 3

The queen of this collection is the Sparviero from Lebanon. The aircraft is in Lebanese colors and is in excellent condition. It was airworthy until it was moved to Italy. The ham-fisted movers messed up the engine attachments beyond repair. BUT, It is a pretty airplane and is only 1 of 2 around.

SM79-1s.JPG SM79-3s.JPG SM79-4s.JPG SM79-5s.JPG SM79-6s.JPG
                 Left Side (85K)         Left Wing (65K)         Left Wing (89K)        Left Front (99K)    Right Engine (49K)          

SM79-7s.JPG SM79-8s.JPG SM79-9s.JPG SM79-10s.JPG SM79-11s.JPG
         Right Engine (48K)   Left Engine (81K)       Nose Engine (91K)       Left Engine (84K)       Left Engine (80K)          

SM79-12s.JPG SM79-13s.JPG SM79-14s.JPG SM79-15s.JPG SM79-16s.JPG
         Left Front (69K)       Nose Exhaust (59K)      Nose Spinner (67K)      Right Engine (88K)        Belly (75K)          

SM79-17s.JPG SM79-18s.JPG SM79-19s.JPG SM79-20s.JPG SM79-21s.JPG
           Nose Engine (44K)    Belly (47K)           Belly (77K)          Right Wing (60K)        Right Engine (80K)           

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