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Museo dell' Aeronautica Gianni Caproni - Trento, Italy - May 2005


The Caproni Museum is a bit difficult to find, but the drive up the valley to Trento is quite beautiful. It is about 2 hours from Milan by car. The museum is located on the Caproni Aeroporto about 8 km south of the city of Trento. It is a small museum and the centerpiece is a SM-79 Sparviero. There are lots of nice books and other aircraft there. It is a bit cramped in the building, but again I was pleasantly surprised by the collection.


Ansaldo SVA 5 - Page 1

This is a very nice looking monoplane that was used as a training aircraft.

AnsaldoSV5-1s.JPG AnsaldoSV5-2s.JPG AnsaldoSV5-3s.JPG
      Description (92K)        Left Front (81K)        Left Side (50K)     

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