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Museo Storico dellí Aeronautica Militare Italiana - April 2005


Republic F-84 Thunderstreak - Page 24


This is the standard version of the F-84.

F-84F-4s.JPG F-84F-1s.JPG F-84F-2s.JPG F-84F-3s.JPG F-84F-5s.JPG
      Description (63K)        Right Front (87K)        Right Front (85K)         Nose (45K)           Nose (38K)     
F-84G Reconnaissance

This is a reconnaissance aircraft with swept wings and a camera in the nose.

F-84G-6s.JPG F-84G-1s.JPG F-84G-2s.JPG F-84G-3s.JPG F-84G-4s.JPG
         Description (75K)       Left Front (72K)      Left Front (76K)       Left Front (77K)        Right Front (75K)         

      Right Front (77K)     

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