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Museo Storico dellí Aeronautica Militare Italiana - April 2005

The Museo Storico dellí Aeronautica Militare Italiana at Vigna di Valle on the south end of Lake Bracciano is an incredible collection of Italian aircraft. Run by the Italian Air Force,this museum is free to view and is rather surprising in the aircraft that are shown here. Any Warbird enthusiast SHOULD view this museum. The Facility was once an operating seaplane base, so the hangers are right on the water's edge of the Lake. I did NOT take pictures of the jets there, and there are many. I concentrated on the propeller aircraft there. I am very pleased to have been able to see this important collection.


AC-2 Ansaldo - Page 1

This is a 1924 Monoplane that exhibits many new design features over the WWI biplanes.

AC2-8s.JPG AC2-1s.JPG AC2-2s.JPG AC2-4s.JPG AC2-5s.JPG
          Description (65K)      Right Front (82K)      Left Rear (60K)         Left Side (80K)       Right Tail (70K)        

AC2-6s.JPG AC2-7s.JPG AC2-9s.JPG AC2-10s.JPG
         Right Fuselage (64K)    Right Main Gear (86K)    Left Fuselage (72K)        Left Side (77K)               

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