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San Diego Aerospace Museum - August & Sept 1999 & February 2001

This museum is quite difficult to photograph. The dioramas are quite close together and the lighting is for the most part quite dark,
punctuated by glaring spotlights. The first trip to the museum, I only used the automatic exposure (big mistake) and only took along
my 50 mm lens (2nd big mistake). However, I did manage to get a few good shots. You will notice that the quality of shots improved
by pushing exposures and using a wide-angle zoom lens.

New photos added for 3rd photo mission to this museum.


J2F6 Duck

DUCK-sd1-1s.jpg (44K) DUCK-1s.jpg.jpg (29K) DUCK-sd1-2s.jpg (45K) DUCK-3s.jpg (38K) DUCK-4s.jpg (33K)
Right Side (44K)    Right Side (29K)     Right Lower (45K)       Left Side (38K)     Right Front (33K) 

F4F Wildcat

F4F-1s.jpg (45K) F4F-2.jpg (38K) F4F-3s.jpg (35K) F4F-4s.jpg (44K)
Right Rear (45K)         Left Side (38K)       Lower Nose (35K)     Right Front (44K)

F6F Hellcat

F6F-sd1-1s.jpg (33K) F6F-sd1-2s.jpg (41K) F6F-sd1-3s.jpg (68K) F6F-1s.jpg (38K) F6FTail-1s.jpg (38K)
Left Nose (33K)       Left Wing (41K)       Left Wing (68K)       Left Wing (38K)      Left Tail (38K)
F6F-1s.jpg (21K) F6F-2s.jpg (49K)
Left Main Gear (21K)       Left Side (49K)        

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