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Planes of Fame Museum - December 1999 & February 2002

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The following pictures are actually of 2 different Zero aircraft: Tail Number 61-120 is the one that flies and Tail Number HK-102 is in the hanger in 1999. You will even notice on one of the photos of HK-102 that the prop has a very serious nick making it un-airworthy.

A6M5 Reisen Zero - 1999

61-120 is the only flying Zero in the world w/ the original Sakae engine. It flew on the day I was at the Museum, but, as you can see it was not an airshow day; therefore, the aircraft has to stay above pattern altitude which makes photography quite difficult. These air pictures were taken with a 700 mm lens.

Zero-Air-3.jpg (15K) Zero-Air-4.jpg (11K) Zero-Air-8.jpg (10K)

61-120 was washed and looked really good today.

Zero-Ground-1.jpg (38K) Zero-Ground-11.jpg (38K) Zero-Ground-2.jpg (31K) Zero-Ground-3.jpg (39K) Zero-Ground-4.jpg (46K)

Zero-Ground-5.jpg (33K) Zero-Ground-7.jpg (40K) Zero-Ground-8.jpg (43K) Zero-Ground-9.jpg (15K)

I managed to get some shots while the aircraft taxied out for the air display.

Zero-Taxi-1.jpg (11K) Zero-Taxi-2.jpg (35K) Zero-Taxi-3.jpg (32K) Zero-Taxi-4.jpg (38K) Zero-Taxi-5.jpg (25K)

The following pictures are of the Zero in the Hanger & is NOT the one that flies.

Zero-Hanger-1.jpg (47K) Zero-Hanger-2.jpg (36K) Zero-Hanger-3.jpg (40K) Zero-Hanger-4.jpg (43K)

A6M5 Reisen Zero - 2002

61-120 in its post-Pearl Harbor movie colors in the hanger next to the J2M Raiden Jack.

P-61-120-LeftFront-1s.jpg (45K) P-61-120-LeftFront-2s.jpg (44K) P-61-120-LeftFront-3s.jpg (32K) P-61-120-LeftFuse-1s.jpg (34K) P-61-120-LeftFuse-2s.jpg (45K)

P-61-120-LeftMain-1s.jpg (23K) P-61-120-LeftTail-1.jpg (45K) P-61-120-RightFront-1s.jpg (47K) P-61-120-RightFront-2s.jpg (46K) P-61-120-RightFront-3s.jpg (52K) P-61-120-RightWell-1.jpg (35K)

Bt-15/Val - 2002

In the main hanger was the BT-15 that was converted to a Val for the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora".

P-BT15Val-Front-1s.jpg (52K) P-BT15Val-LeftFront-1s.jpg (41K) P-BT15Val-RightFront-1.jpg (59K) P-BT15Val-RightFront-2.jpg (39K) P-BT15Val-RightFront-3.jpg (41K)

P-BT15Val-RightFuse-1.jpg (40K) P-BT15Val-RightWing-1.jpg (41K)

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