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Planes of Fame Museum - December 1999 & February 2002

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G4M Betty - 1999 & 2002

In the back of the hanger is a really good diorama of a crashed G4M. Maybe someday the Museum will restore it. The 1st picture is from 1999, the rest from 2002.

Betty-Hanger-1s.jpg (20K) P-G4M-1s.jpg (52K) P-G4M-2.jpg (41K) P-G4M-3s.jpg (42K) P-G4M-4s.jpg (74K) P-G4M-5s.jpg (72K)

J8M Shusui Sword Stroke - 1999 & 2002

Up on stilts is a good example of this Japanese copy of the Me-163. The left photo is from 1999 and the right one from 2002.

POF1-JPG/J8M-Hanger-1.jpg (27K) P-J8M-2.jpg (37K)

J2M Raiden Thunderbolt Jack - 1999

The ONLY remaining J2M is in really good condition.

POF1-JPG/Jack-Hanger-1.jpg (45K) POF1-JPG/Jack-Hanger-2.jpg (41K) POF1-JPG/Jack-Hanger-3.jpg (54K) POF1-JPG/Jack-Hanger-6.jpg (49K)

J2M Raiden Thunderbolt Jack - 2002

The J2M is still in the same place.

P-Raiden-Front-1s.jpg (54K) P-Raiden-Front-2s.jpg (36K) P-Raiden-Front-3s.jpg (55K) P-Raiden-DropTank-1s.jpg (39K) P-Raiden-EngineFan-1s.jpg (17K) P-Raiden-Exhaust-1s.jpg (35K)

P-Raiden-LeftFront-1s.jpg (47K) P-Raiden-LeftFront-2s.jpg (46K) P-Raiden-LeftMain-1s.jpg (22K) P-Raiden-LeftMain-2s.jpg (40K) P-Raiden-LeftSide-1s.jpg (44K)

P-Raiden-LeftWell-1s.jpg (39K) P-Raiden-LeftWing-1s.jpg (35K) P-Raiden-RightFront-2s.jpg (57K) P-Raiden-RightRear-1.jpg (37K) P-Raiden-RightRear-2.jpg (48K)

P-Raiden-RightRear-3.jpg (57K) P-Raiden-RightRear-4s.jpg (49K) P-Raiden-RightSide-1.jpg (55K) P-Raiden-RightTail-1s.jpg (36K) P-Raiden-RightWing-1.jpg (29K)

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