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Planes of Fame Museum - December 1999

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Messerschmitt ME-163 Komet - 1999

A beautiful replica of an unusual aircraft.

Me-163-Hanger-2.jpg (41K) Me-163-Hanger-3.jpg (34K) Me-163-Hanger-4.jpg (46K)

Messerschmitt ME-163 Komet Rocket Motor - 2002

An actual motor for the Me-163.

P-Me163-RocketMotor-1.jpg (46K) P-Me163-RocketMotor-2s.jpg (40K) P-Me163-RocketMotor-3s.jpg (53K) P-Me163-RocketMotor-4.jpg (38K)

Messerschmitt ME-262 Schwalbe - 1999

This beautiful restoration is no longer at the Museum.

Me-262-Hanger-2.jpg (43K) Me-262-Hanger-3.jpg (37K)

Bachem BA-349 Natter - 1999

Another superb replica. Unfortunately, someone decided they needed a souvenir (Repaired in 2002).

Natter-Hanger-2.jpg (31K)

Heinkel He-100 - 2002

Another superb replica.

P-He100-1.jpg (53K) P-He100-2.jpg (47K) P-He100-3.jpg (32K) P-He100-4s.jpg (38K)

V-1 - 1999

Great condtion V-1 Buzz Bomb (Actually American-built Loon).

V1-Hanger-1.jpg (24K) V1-Hanger-2.jpg (25K)

V-1 - 2002

V-1 was also easier to get closer this time.

P-V1Loon-1.jpg (45K) P-V1Loon-2.jpg (40K) P-V1Loon-3.jpg (37K) P-V1Loon-4.jpg (44K) P-V1Loon-5.jpg (53K)

Schlepp - 2002

Post-war German Trainer.

P-GermanTrainer-1.jpg (53K)

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