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Planes of Fame Museum - December 1999

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HA-1112 Buchon - 1999

Right inside the door of the hanger was the airworthy Buchon.

Buchon-Hanger-1.jpg (46K) Buchon-Hanger-2.jpg (52K)

Heinkel HE-162 Volksjaeger - 1999

A really nice show piece. I don't think it is airworthy, but it is in good condition.

He-162-Hanger-1.jpg (52K) He-162-Hanger-2.jpg (39K) He-162-Hanger-4.jpg (41K)

Heinkel HE-162 Volksjaeger - 2002

I could get closer to the He-162 this time.

P-He162-Front-1s.jpg (53K) P-He162-Front-2s.jpg (34K) P-He162-Front-3s.jpg (44K) P-He162-Engine-1.jpg (42K) P-He162-Engine-2.jpg (48K)

P-He162-Engine-3s.jpg (60K) P-He162-Engine-4s.jpg (55K) P-He162-Engine-5.jpg (44K) P-He162-Engine-6.jpg (46K) P-He162-Exhaust-1s.jpg (30K)

P-He162-Gear-1.jpg (29K) P-He162-LeftFront-1.jpg (64K) P-He162-LeftFront-2s.jpg (56K) P-He162-LeftFront-3s.jpg (49K) P-He162-LeftFuse-1s.jpg (58K)

P-He162-Rear-1.jpg (44K) P-He162-Rear-2.jpg (48K) P-He162-RightFront-1.jpg (43K) P-He162-RightFuse-1s.jpg (33K) P-He162-RightFuse-2s.jpg (45K)

P-He162-Tail-1.jpg (48K) P-He162-Tail-2.jpg (56K) P-He162-Tail-3s.jpg (41K) P-He162-WingTab-1.jpg (22K)

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