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Planes of Fame Museum - December 1999 & February 2002

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Republic P-47 Thunderbolt - 1999

They had their P-47 outside as well; really great for photography.

P47-Ground-1.jpg (25K) P47-Ground-2.jpg (35K) P47-Ground-3.jpg (31K) P47-Ground-4.jpg (37K) P47-Ground-5.jpg (33K)

P47-Ground-6.jpg (36K) P47-Ground-7.jpg (25K)

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt - 2002

They had their P-47 in the main hanger.

P-P47-Nose-1s.jpg (29K) P-P47-RightFront-1s.jpg (57K) P-P47-RightMain-1s.jpg (52K) P-P47-RightWing-1.jpg (29K)

North American P-51 Mustang - 1999

One P-51 was in the hanger door, then another was sitting by the shop.

POF1-JPG/P51-Ground-1.jpg (41K) POF1-JPG/P51-Ground-2.jpg (57K)

Douglas SBD Dauntless - 1999

The Museum has a really nice SBD; with a bomb even.

SBD-Hanger-1.jpg (29K) SBD-Hanger-2.jpg (55K)

Douglas SBD Dauntless - 2002

The SBD was in the main hanger next to the BT-15/Val.

P-SBD-1s.jpg (50K)

Grumman TBM Avenger - 1999

Tucked in the hanger next to the F4U was a very nice TBM Torpedo Bomber.

TBM-Hanger-1.jpg (43K) TBM-Hanger-2.jpg (42K) TBM-Hanger-3.jpg (47K) TBM-Hanger-4.jpg (42K) TBM-Hanger-5.jpg (37K)

TBM-Hanger-7.jpg (52K)

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