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Planes of Fame Museum - December 1999 & February 2002

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Visited the Planes of Fame Museum on the day that the A6M5 Zero flew. It was quite exciting. Aerial photos are not very good because of the extreme range. It was obvious that this was not an official air show (FAA) cuz the Zero flew quite high. The pictures are mostly w/ 28-70 zoom on the ground & 170-700 mm in taxi and air.


Mitchell B-25 - 1999

This is the Museum's photo aircraft.

B25-Ground-1.jpg (39K)

Grumman F4F Wildcat - 1999

This Grumman cat is hiding in the hanger with the German and Japanese aircraft.

F4F-Hanger-2.jpg (51K)

Grumman F4F Wildcat - 2002

This Grumman cat is hiding in the hanger with the B-25, F7F, F8F, F-86, etc.

P-F4F-1.jpg (47K) P-F4F-2.jpg (51K) P-F4F-3.jpg (41K) P-F4F-3s.jpg (31K) P-F4F-4s.jpg (22K)

P-F4F-5s.jpg (51K) P-F4F-6s.jpg (23K)

F4U Corsair - 1999

The Corsair was folded up in the main hanger next to the TBM.

F4U-Hanger-1.jpg (52K) F4U-Hanger-2.jpg (48K) F4U-Hanger-3.jpg (43K)

Grumman F6F Hellcat - 1999

The Hellcat was sitting outside for the seminar; therefore was easy to photograph.

F6F-Ground-1.jpg (45K) F6F-Ground-2.jpg (39K) F6F-Ground-3.jpg (36K) F6F-Ground-4.jpg (26K) F6F-Ground-5.jpg (42K)

F6F-Ground-7.jpg (49K) F6F-Ground-6.jpg (36K) F6F-Hanger-1.jpg (55K)

Grumman F6F Hellcat - 2002

There were 2 Hellcats with their wings folded in the back of the main hanger.

P-F6F-Rear-1s.jpg (39K) P-F6F-Rear-2s.jpg (29K) P-F6F-Rear-3.jpg (53K) P-F6F-Rear-4.jpg (44K) P-F6F-Tail-1s.jpg (26K) P-F6F-Tail-2s.jpg (44K)

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