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Museum of Transportation - February 2000

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Also, I visited the Transportation Museum in Auckland (MOTAT). This museum has an excellent example of a Lancaster Bomber, a Curtriss P-40, Lockheed Electra, V-1 Buzz Bomb and a replica of a Fairey Swordfish.


V-1 Buzz Bomb

The V-1 was on top of a shed in the corner of the hanger.

NZ-JPG/MOTAT-V1-2.jpg (30K)


Curtiss P-40 Warhawk

The P-40 was in New Zealand colors.

NZ-JPG/MOTAT-P-40-1.jpg (33K) NZ-JPG/MOTAT-P-40-2.jpg (37K) NZ-JPG/MOTAT-P-40-3.jpg (35K)

Lockheed 10 Electra

In the back corner of the hanger, MOTAT has a really nice Lockheed 10 Electra. This is the same type of aircraft used by Amelia Earhardt.

NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Electra-1.jpg (34K) NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Electra-3.jpg (39K) NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Electra-4.jpg (45K)


Avro Lancaster

A superbly restored Lancaster is the showpiece of the Museum.

NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Lanc-1.jpg (37K) NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Lanc-2.jpg (36K) NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Lanc-4.jpg (26K) NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Lanc-5.jpg (46K) NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Lanc-6.jpg (25K)

NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Lanc-7.jpg (42K) NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Lanc-8.jpg (27K) NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Lanc-9.jpg (22K) NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Lanc-11.jpg (30K) NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Lanc-12.jpg (30K)

NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Lanc-13.jpg (44K) NZ-JPG/MOTAT-Lanc-14.jpg (47K)

Fairey Swordfish Replica

There is a very good replica of a "Stringbag" next to the Lancaster.

NZ-JPG/MOTAT-SwordFish-1.jpg (38K)

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