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Auckland War Memorial Museum - February 2000

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A6M2 Zero

NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-25.jpg (14K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-26.jpg (35K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-27.jpg (34K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-28.jpg (22K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-29.jpg (38K)

NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-31.jpg (26K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-32.jpg (33K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-33.jpg (34K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-34.jpg (34K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-36.jpg (31K)

NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-37.jpg (30K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-38.jpg (31K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-39.jpg (34K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-40.jpg (34K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-41.jpg (27K)

NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-42.jpg (25K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-43.jpg (34K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-45.jpg (28K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-14.jpg (21K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-16.jpg (15K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-44.jpg (35K)

Here is a scan of the Postcard showing the Auckland Zero in the "funny" colors.

NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-Card.jpg (38K)

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