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Auckland War Memorial Museum - February 2000

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A6M2 Zero

On the other side of the main stairwell is the Zero. It is well restored and now in the proper colors. At one time, the aircraft was painted in a very strange camoflage pattern. This pattern can be seen in the scan of the Postcard that can be purchased at the Museum.

NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-2.jpg (28K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-3.jpg (32K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-4.jpg (32K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-5.jpg (38K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-6.jpg (34K)

NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-7.jpg (34K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-8.jpg (23K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-9.jpg (22K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-10.jpg (23K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-11.jpg (22K)

NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-12.jpg (34K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-13.jpg (33K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-15.jpg (27K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-17.jpg (33K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-18.jpg (29K)

NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-20.jpg (32K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-21.jpg (35K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-22.jpg (32K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-23.jpg (29K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Zero-24.jpg (15K)

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