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Auckland War Memorial Museum - February 2000

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Visited the Auckland, New Zealand War Memorial Museum. Their Zero and Spitfire are VERY dimly lighted and are located in a very small room, making photography difficult. I used 800 ASA film pushed to ASA 1600 and a 28-70 zoom lens. The room actually requires a shorter lens, but I don't like to use less than 28mm because of distortion.


Supermarine Spitfire

The Auckland War Memorial Museum only has 2 aircraft. Both of the aircraft are on the second floor. This aircraft is on the left, the Zero is on the right of the main stairway.

NZ-JPG/NZ-Spit-1.jpg (26K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Spit-3.jpg (31K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Spit-4.jpg (31K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Spit-5.jpg (23K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Spit-6.jpg (26K)

NZ-JPG/NZ-Spit-7.jpg (31K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Spit-9.jpg (33K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Merlin-1.jpg (30K) NZ-JPG/NZ-Merlin-2.jpg (40K)



The Auckland War Memorial Museum has a V-1 hanging in the right main stairwell. It has seen better days.

NZ-JPG/NZ-V1-2.jpg (30K) NZ-JPG/NZ-V1-3.jpg (40K)

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