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National Air & Space Museum - July 2001


DC-3 Gooney Bird - Page 4

Clean DC-3. I have never seen one in this good of a condition.

NASM/AS-DC3-1.jpg (52K) NASM/AS-DC3-3.jpg (47K) NASM/AS-DC3-4.jpg (52K)

F4F Wildcat

The 1st Grumman Cat.

NASM/AS-F4F-1.jpg (45K) NASM/AS-F4F-3.jpg (36K) NASM/AS-F4F-4.jpg (34K) NASM/AS-F4F-5.jpg (25K) NASM/AS-PropID-2.jpg (27K)

SBD Dauntless

This SBD also has the bomb release cradle, just like the one at Lone Star.

NASM/AS-SBD-1.jpg (42K) NASM/AS-SBD-2.jpg (43K) NASM/AS-SBD-3.jpg (24K) NASM/AS-SBD-4.jpg (21K) NASM/AS-SBD-5.jpg (26K)

NASM/AS-SBD-6.jpg (26K)

Spirit of St. Louis

One of the Great Planes of History.

NASM/AS-SpiritofStLouis-1.jpg (61K) NASM/AS-SpiritofStLouis-3.jpg (50K) NASM/AS-SpiritofStLouis-4.jpg (29K) NASM/AS-SpiritofStLouis-5.jpg (55K) NASM/AS-SpiritofStLouis-6.jpg (45K)

The First Plane to Fly - Wright

One of the Great Planes of History.

NASM/AS-Wright-1.jpg (48K)

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