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National Air & Space Museum - July 2001


Me-109G - Page 3

Nice Me-109G, but it is in a really dark corner.

NASM/AS-Me109-1.jpg (17K) NASM/AS-Me109-3.jpg (40K) NASM/AS-Me109-5.jpg (24K) NASM/AS-Me109-7.jpg (26K) NASM/AS-Me109-9.jpg (36K)

NASM/AS-Me109-12.jpg (40K) NASM/AS-Me109-13.jpg (22K) NASM/AS-Me109-14.jpg (19K) NASM/AS-Me109-15.jpg (14K) NASM/AS-Me109-16.jpg (34K)

NASM/AS-Me109-17.jpg (35K) NASM/AS-Me109-18.jpg (22K) NASM/AS-Me109-Engine-11.jpg (40K) NASM/AS-Me109-Engine-2.jpg (30K) NASM/AS-Me109-WingLight-6.jpg (17K)

NASM/AS-Me109-WingWarning-4.jpg (22K)

V1 (Buzz Bomb)

Good Condition.

NASM/AS-V1-1.jpg (44K)

V2 Rocket

V2 is standing right in front of SkyLab and beside it is the WAC Corporal - the best US rocket in WWII.

NASM/AS-V2&SkyLab-1.jpg (29K) NASM/AS-V2-2.jpg (32K) NASM/AS-V2-4.jpg (44K) NASM/AS-V2-SteeringVanes-3.jpg (32K)


Spitfire MK VII

Unusual color scheme on this early Spitfire.

NASM/AS-Spit-1.jpg (30K) NASM/AS-Spit-3.jpg (26K) NASM/AS-Spit-4.jpg (24K) NASM/AS-Spit-5.jpg (25K) NASM/AS-Spit-6.jpg (24K)

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