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National Air & Space Museum - July 2001

The National Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC has one of the world's few Zero fighters. Their A6M5 is in very good condition. In addtion, the WWII exhibit has a really nice Italian Macchi 202 and a good Me-109G. Unfortunately, the jet exhibit was closed the day I was there, as the museum is doing some renovation and is getting ready to open its huge exhibit at Dulles Airport. When that's completed, there will be about 100 aircraft that are currently not now being shown that will go on exhibit. But, for now, there are some really good examples of aircraft here. Most of the museum really sucks as far as decent lighting for photography goes. There are MANY hot spots as well as dark crevices. On a sunny day, the courtyard is way too bright to shoot against. I tried to wait for clouds to come over, but that wasn't always to be.


A6M5 Model 52 Zero - Page 1

A very nice Zero - well restored.

NASM/AS-Zero-1.jpg (30K) NASM/AS-Zero-2.jpg (28K) NASM/AS-Zero-5.jpg (23K) NASM/AS-Zero-RightGun-6.jpg (29K) NASM/AS-Zero-7.jpg (28K)

NASM/AS-Zero-8.jpg (33K) NASM/AS-Zero-9.jpg (24K) NASM/AS-Zero-Gunsight-10.jpg (24K) NASM/AS-Zero-11.jpg (43K) NASM/AS-Zero-12.jpg (35K)

NASM/AS-Zero-13.jpg (34K) NASM/AS-Zero-14.jpg (33K) NASM/AS-Zero-15.jpg (37K) NASM/AS-Zero-16.jpg (34K) NASM/AS-Zero-17.jpg (31K)

NASM/AS-Zero-WingUnderside-18.jpg (40K) NASM/AS-Zero-20.jpg (35K) NASM/AS-Zero-21.jpg (32K) NASM/AS-Zero-24.jpg (29K) NASM/AS-Zero-25.jpg (24K)

NASM/AS-Zero-26.jpg (35K) NASM/AS-Zero-27.jpg (30K) NASM/AS-Zero-28.jpg (38K) NASM/AS-Zero-29.jpg (33K) NASM/AS-Zero-30.jpg (41K)

NASM/AS-Zero-31.jpg (19K) NASM/AS-Zero-32.jpg (41K) NASM/AS-Zero-36.jpg (34K)

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