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Nagoya Airport Museum, Nagoya, Japan April 2000

Also visited the Kakamigahara Aerospace Museum that is very close to the Kawasaki Aircraft factory. Outdoors there are a US-1A Rescue Aircraft, a P2J Neptune, and helicopters. Indoors, there is a very unusual STOL aircraft, "Asuka", that ports the jet exhaust over the top rear of the wing to increase lift.


Kakamigahara Aerospace Museum - Page 4

US-1A-1.jpg (26K) US-1A-7.jpg (23K) US-1A-2.jpg (33K) US-1A-3.jpg (24K) US-1A-4.jpg (29K)
US-1A Left Side (26K)       US-1A Right Side (23K)   US-1A Right Main Gear (33K)    US-1A Engine (24K)       US-1A Nose Gear (29K)

US-1A-5.jpg (18K) US-1A-6.jpg (21K)
US-1A Right Wing Float (18K)    US-1A Right Tail (21K)

It was amazing that the indoor photos turned out because the only film I had left was ASA 100 and the exposure time was like 1 second.

Asuka-STOL-1.jpg (38K) Asuka-STOL-2.jpg (44K) Asuka-STOL-3.jpg (50K)
Asuka STOL Right Front (38K)     Asuka STOL Front (44K)     Asuka STOL Right Rear (50K)

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