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Nagoya Airport Museum, Nagoya, Japan April 2000

The lighting conditions for the models was difficult because of the round case tops. There was also a lot of very bright Tungsten lamps in strange places creating shadows and a lot of yellow in the photographs. Let me know by e-mail if I have mis-identified any of these models; they are quite dark and without good detail.


Aircraft Models - Page 3

Nagoya-A5M1-Claude-1.jpg (14K) Nagoya-A6M-Reisen-Zero-1.jpg (23K) Nagoya-B5N1-Kate-1.jpg (19K) Nagoya-C6N-Saiun-PaintedCloud-Myrt-1.jpg (18K) Nagoya-D3A-Val-1.jpg (14K)
  A5M1 Claude (14K)           A6M Reisen Zero (23K)       B5N1 Kate (19K)     C6N Saiun Painted Cloud Myrt (18K)      D3A Val (14K)

Nagoya-E13A-Jake-1.jpg (20K) Nagoya-G3M-Nell-1.jpg (19K) Nagoya-G4M-Betty-2.jpg (27K) Nagoya-H6K-Mavis-1.jpg (13K) Nagoya-Ki15-NormaOrBabs-1.jpg (12K)
    E13A Jake (20K)             G3M Nell (19K)             G4M Betty (27K)                 H6K Mavis (13K)          Ki-15 Norma or Babs (12K)

Nagoya-Ki21-Sally-2.jpg (27K) Nagoya-Ki21-Sally-3.jpg (18K) Nagoya-Ki27-Nate-1.jpg (9K)
Ki-21 Sally (27K)       Ki-21 Sally (18K)     Ki-27 Nate (9K)  

Nagoya-Ki43-Hayabusa-PeregrineFalcon-Oscar-1.jpg (15K) Nagoya-Ki44-Shoki-DemonQueller-Tojo-1.jpg (30K)
Ki-43 Hayabusa Peregrine Falcon Oscar (15K)   Ki-44 Shoki Demon Queller Tojo (30K)

Nagoya-Ki45-Toryu-DragonSlayer-Nick-1.jpg (25K) Nagoya-Ki46-Dinah-1.jpg (26K) Nagoya-Ki48-Lilly-1.jpg (25K) Nagoya-Ki51-Sonia-1.jpg (12K) Nagoya-Ki61-Hien-Tony-1.jpg (17K)
Ki-45 Toryu Dragon Slayer Nick (25K)   Ki-46 Dinah (26K)        Ki-48 Lilly (25K)      Ki-51 Sonia (12K)    Ki-61-Hien-Tony (17K)

Nagoya-Ki67-Hiryu-Peggy-1.jpg (14K) Nagoya-P1Y-Kyokukoh-Aurora-Frances-1.jpg (24K)
       Ki-67 Hiryu Peggy (14K)     P1Y Kyokukoh Aurora Frances (24K)

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