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Nagoya Airport Museum, Nagoya, Japan April 2000

Visited the Nagoya Airport Museum. There are 2 aircraft on exhibit, an A6M3 Zero and a MU-2 Business Turboprop. Again, I used 800 ASA film pushed to ASA 1600 and a 28-70 mm zoom lens. The room has some very bright light coming from the observation deck just behind the Zero that you have to avoid. Also, there are excellent aircraft models in the next room. These models cover all of the IJNAF and IJAAF aircraft AND are all of the exact same scale- 1:25.

This Zero has the best airframe that I have ever seen in a museum. There are only a few bullet holes in the cowling courtesy of the US Navy. However, the engine is quite corroded.


A6M3 Reisen Zero - Page 1

Nagoya-Zero-Front-1.jpg (25K) Nagoya-Zero-Front-2.jpg (28K) Nagoya-Zero-Cockpit-1.jpg (27K) Nagoya-Zero-Cockpit-2.jpg (22K) Nagoya-Zero-Cowling-1.jpg (20K)
        A6M3 Front (25K)             A6M3 Front Belly (28K)      A6M3 Cockpit Left (27K)  A6M3 Cockpit Left (22K) A6M3 Cowling Left (20K)

Nagoya-Zero-Cowling-2.jpg (25K) Nagoya-Zero-Cowling-3.jpg (28K) Nagoya-Zero-LeftExhaust-2.jpg (30K) Nagoya-Zero-LeftFront-1.jpg (27K) Nagoya-Zero-LeftFront-3.jpg (30K)
    A6M3 Cowling Right (25K)    A6M3 Cowling Left (28K)  A6M3 Left Side Exhaust (30K)  A6M3 Front Left (27K)  A6M3 Front Left (30K)

Nagoya-Zero-LeftFront-4.jpg (33K) Nagoya-Zero-LeftFront-5.jpg (28K) Nagoya-Zero-LeftSide-1.jpg (30K) Nagoya-Zero-LeftSide-2.jpg (28K) Nagoya-Zero-LeftSide-3.jpg (27K)
  A6M3 Front Left (33K)     A6M3 Front Left (28K)  A6M3 Fuselage Left (30K)  A6M3 Fuselage Left (28K)  A6M3 Fuselage Left (27K)

Nagoya-Zero-LeftWell-1.jpg (30K) Nagoya-Zero-LeftWing-1.jpg (24K) Nagoya-Zero-LeftFlap-1.jpg (32K) Nagoya-Zero-RightFront-1.jpg (20K) Nagoya-Zero-RightFront-2.jpg (28K)
A6M3 Wheel Well Left (30K)   A6M3 Wing Left (24K)   A6M3 Wing flap Left (32K)  A6M3 Front Right (20K)   A6M3 Front Right (28K)

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