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New Yak-3 - 2002

The Yakovlev factory is now manufacturing new Yak-3s. This is an all-metal version with an Allison engine. It is in the colors of the Free French Normandie Niemen Squadron.

MOF-2/M-YAK3-Front-1.jpg (44K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-Front-2.jpg (56K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-Front-3.jpg (36K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftFront-1s.jpg (46K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftFront-2s.jpg (53K)

MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftFront-3s.jpg (52K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftFront-4.jpg (45K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftFront-5s.jpg (35K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftFront-6s.jpg (41K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftFront-7.jpg (57K)

MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftFront-8s.jpg (44K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftSide-2s.jpg (45K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftSide-3s.jpg (54K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftSide-4.jpg (49K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftSide-6s.jpg (51K)

MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftSide-7.jpg (64K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-LeftSide-10s.jpg (64K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-RightFront-1.jpg (52K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-RightFront-2s.jpg (60K) MOF-2/M-YAK3-RightWing-1s.jpg (40K)

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