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Museum of Flying - December 1999 & February 2002

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Messerschmitt 109E - 1999

At the front of the hanger by the door is the E-model Me-109. It really looks great and obviously flies because you can see the oil pans under the crucial parts of the aircraft.

MOF1-JPG/me109-10.jpg (46K) MOF1-JPG/me109-11.jpg (43K) MOF1-JPG/me109-12.jpg (40K) MOF1-JPG/me109-13.jpg (36K) MOF1-JPG/me109-6.jpg (44K)

MOF1-JPG/me109-2.jpg (26K) MOF1-JPG/me109-4.jpg (38K) MOF1-JPG/me109-3.jpg (37K) MOF1-JPG/me109-5.jpg (46K) MOF1-JPG/me109-7.jpg (33K)

MOF1-JPG/me109-8.jpg (31K) MOF1-JPG/me109-14.jpg (44K) MOF1-JPG/me109-1.jpg (15K) MOF1-JPG/me109-15.jpg (36K)

Messerschmitt 163 Rocket Motor - 1999 & 2002

] Back in the corner of the hanger sits this Me-163 Rocket Motor. The left photo is from 1999 and the rest are 2002.

MOF1-JPG/Me-163-RocketMotor-1.jpg (9K) MOF-2/M-Me163-RocketMotor-1.jpg (39K) MOF-2/M-Me163-RocketMotor-2.jpg (46K) MOF-2/M-Me163-RocketMotor-3.jpg (30K)

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