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Museum of Flying - December 1999 & February 2002

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Supermarine Racer - 1999

There was a Supermarine floatplane racer used for the Schneider Cup upstairs in the hanger.

MOF1-JPG/Supermarine-1.jpg (14K)

Spitfire Mk IX - 1999

This Spitfire was outside the hanger, and looked like it had been there a while.

MOF1-JPG/Spit-Ramp-1.jpg (34K) MOF1-JPG/Spit-Ramp-2.jpg (14K)

Spitfire Mk XIV - 1999

The Spitfire Mark XIVs are in really great condition. You can get very close to them on the main floor of the hanger.

MOF1-JPG/SpitfireMk14-4.jpg (34K) MOF1-JPG/SpitfireMk14-5.jpg (52K) MOF1-JPG/SpitfireMk14-6.jpg (47K) MOF1-JPG/SpitfireMk14-1.jpg (17K) MOF1-JPG/SpitfireMk14-3.jpg (15K)

MOF1-JPG/SpitfireMk14-2.jpg (18K) MOF1-JPG/SpitfireMk14-7.jpg (15K) MOF1-JPG/SpitfireMk14-8.jpg (15K)

Spitfire Mk XIV - 2002

The Spitfire Mark XIV in New Zealand colors was still on the main floor.

MOF-2/SpitM14-1.jpg (55K) MOF-2/SpitM14-2.jpg (29K) MOF-2/SpitM14-3s.jpg (32K) MOF-2/SpitM14-4s.jpg (46K)

Hawker Hurricane - 1999

And, on the main floor of the hanger, is a superb Hawker Hurricane

MOF1-JPG/Hurricane-1.jpg (25K) MOF1-JPG/Hurricane-11.jpg (58K) MOF1-JPG/Hurricane-4.jpg (50K) MOF1-JPG/Hurricane-2.jpg (29K) MOF1-JPG/Hurricane-6.jpg (61K)

MOF1-JPG/Hurricane-10.jpg (41K) MOF1-JPG/Hurricane-7.jpg (51K) MOF1-JPG/Hurricane-3.jpg (45K) MOF1-JPG/Hurricane-5.jpg (44K) MOF1-JPG/Hurricane-8.jpg (38K)

Notice on the next photos that there is an exhaust shield to protect the pilot's eyes from exhaust flare at night. Left photo is from 1999, the other is 2002.

MOF1-JPG/Hurricane-9.jpg (26K) MOF-2/M-Hurr-ExhaustShield-1s.jpg (39K)

Hawker Hurricane - 2002

The Hurricane was still on the main floor.

MOF-2/M-Hurr-Front-1s.jpg (61K) MOF-2/M-Hurr-Front-2s.jpg (55K) MOF-2/M-Hurr-Front-3s.jpg (36K) MOF-2/M-Hurr-Front-4.jpg (44K) MOF-2/M-Hurr-RightFront-1.jpg (58K)

MOF-2/M-Hurr-RightFront-2s.jpg (48K) MOF-2/M-Hurr-RightFront-3.jpg (50K)

Fairey Swordfish - 1999 & 2002

This Swordfish is hanging from the ceiling. A guide said that the museum owned the wings for it as well. Left photo is from 1999, rest from 2002. Note the damage to the top of the rudder. The Northridge Earthquake rocked the aircraft into the pipes above the rudder.

MOF1-JPG/Swordfish-1.jpg (51K) MOF-2/M-Swordfish-1s.jpg (48K) MOF-2/M-Swordfish-2.jpg (52K)

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