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Museum of Flying - December 1999 & February 2002

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Visited the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, CA. Unfortunately, their Zero was at their Mojave Repair Facility for a 100 Hour Inspection. However, they do have some other quite interesting aircraft. I was impressed by their Me-109 and Hurricane. Also, the Bearcat on the ramp is a good specimen. By the way, most of their aircraft do fly.

On the 2nd trip in 2002, the Zero was in the hanger, along with a new manufactured Yak-3.


Grumman F8F Bearcat - 1999

This nice looking Bearcat was sitting just outside the hanger door in a really good place for photography.

MOF1-JPG/F8F-Ramp-1.jpg (34K) MOF1-JPG/F8F-Ramp-2.jpg (39K) MOF1-JPG/F8F-Ramp-3.jpg (34K) MOF1-JPG/F8F-Ramp-4.jpg (45K) MOF1-JPG/F8F-Ramp-5.jpg (43K)

MOF1-JPG/F8F-Ramp-6.jpg (38K) MOF1-JPG/F8F-Ramp-7.jpg (25K) MOF1-JPG/F8F-Ramp-8.jpg (31K) MOF1-JPG/F8F-Ramp-9.jpg (34K)

Grumman F6F Hellcat - 1999

There was a nice Hellcat in the back of the hanger.

MOF1-JPG/F6F-2.jpg (43K) MOF1-JPG/F6F-3.jpg (18K)

GeeBee Racer - 2002

The GeeBee Racer from the movie, "The Rocketeer" is here; this is the aircraft that "Howard Hughes" taxis up in at the end of the movie. The aircraft is airworthy, but it is not allowed to be flown for safety reasons.

MOF-2/M-GeeBee-1s.jpg (63K) MOF-2/M-GeeBee-2.jpg (77K) MOF-2/M-GeeBee-3s.jpg (76K) MOF-2/M-GeeBee-4s.jpg (44K) MOF-2/M-GeeBee-5s.jpg (53K)

MOF-2/M-GeeBee-6s.jpg (53K) MOF-2/M-GeeBee-7.jpg (54K)

Douglas World Cruiser - 2002

This is the remaining Douglas World Cruiser from the around-the-world flight.

MOF-2/M-WorldCruiser-1s.jpg (48K) MOF-2/M-WorldCruiser-2s.jpg (67K)

B-29 Engine - 2002

This is a cutaway of a real B-29 engine.

MOF-2/M-B29Engine-1.jpg (42K) MOF-2/M-B29Engine-2.jpg (44K)

Ship's Bell of the U.S.S. Arizona - 2002

This is real ship's bell recovered from the wreck of the U.S.S. Arizona.

MOF-2/M-BellUSSArizona-1.jpg (25K) MOF-2/M-BellUSSArizona-2.jpg (32K)

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