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National Science and Technology Museum - Milan, Italy - May 2005


Macchi MC-205 Veltro - Page 3

MC205-31s.JPG MC205-33s.JPG MC205-38s.JPG MC205-39s.JPG MC205-41s.JPG
            Left Aileron (56K)       Left Wing (64K)         Left Nose (65K)      Cooler Intakes (59K)    Left Gear (43K)        

MC205-42s.JPG MC205-43s.JPG MC205-44s.JPG MC205-45s.JPG MC205-46s.JPG
          Gear Wells (75K)        Right Gear (70K)        Right Gear (58K)       Spinner & Gun (48K)     Nose (42K)         

MC205-48s.JPG MC205-50s.JPG MC205-51s.JPG MC205-53s.JPG MC205-54s.JPG
           Tail Wheel (60K)         Left Nose (61K)      Left Fuselage (44K)       Left Gun (53K)      Left Gear (37K)       

MC205-55s.JPG MC205-56s.JPG MC205-58s.JPG MC205-60s.JPG MC205-61s.JPG
             Tail Wheel (39K)  Right Gear (36K)    Right Nose (60K)      Right Fuselage (52K)     Gear Wells (46K)               

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