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National Science and Technology Museum - Milan, Italy - May 2005


Macchi MC-205 Veltro - Page 2

This is the pride of the collection in my mind. A Macchi Veltro in excellent condition. It flew at one time, but has not for a while. I guess that the pilot had trouble with the aircraft. It may be pretty, but does not handle very well.

MC205-1s.JPG MC205-2s.JPG MC205-10s.JPG MC205-12s.JPG MC205-13s.JPG
             Right Rear (55K)             Right Tail (77K)        Right Rear (84K)       Left Rear (87K)         Right Rear (88K)       

MC205-14s.JPG MC205-15s.JPG MC205-16s.JPG MC205-17s.JPG MC205-18s.JPG
         Left Rear (73K)       Left Fuselage (54K)     Left Fuselage (52K)         Rear of Cooler (42K)         Rear of Cooler (55K)     

MC205-19s.JPG MC205-20s.JPG MC205-21s.JPG MC205-22s.JPG MC205-23s.JPG
          Left Tail (70K)       Left Fuselage (54K)      Left Canopy (55K)      Left Canopy (57K)        Left Nose (67K)         

MC205-25s.JPG MC205-26s.JPG MC205-27s.JPG MC205-29s.JPG MC205-30s.JPG
               Left Nose (63K)      Left Label #1 (49K)      Left Label #2 (41K)     Right Side (80K)     Lift Point (33K)         

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