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National Science and Technology Museum - Milan, Italy - May 2005

The Milan Science and Technology Museum is a very large museum in the center of Milan. It has an impressive inventory of mechanical things beyond which I have never seen. It is more than what is at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry in many ways. BUT, there are some interesting aviation specimens in this museum. The aviation is either outdoors (the jets) or in a building quite far from the main entrance. Also, the air exhibit is NOT open during all of the museum hours. It does not open until later in the day (about noon). The air exhibits are small but you can get very close to them and they are well done.


Ambrosini SS7 - Page 1

This is a very nice looking monoplane that was used as a training aircraft.

AmbrosiniSS7-1s.JPG AmbrosiniSS7-2s.JPG AmbrosiniSS7-3s.JPG
       Left Nose (54K)        Left Wing (69K)        Nose (38K)     

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