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Commerative Air Force, Mesa, Arizona - April 2003


DC-3 (Douglas) - Page 10

This aircraft looks a little more tired than the others. The paint job is not new, either. BUT, of course, it is a DC-3; therefore, it flies.

MCAF-DC3-4s.jpg (34K) MCAF-DC3-3s.jpg (31K) MCAF-DC3-1s.jpg (44K) MCAF-DC3-5s.jpg (31K) MCAF-DC3-2s.jpg (44K)
          Right Side (34K)              Right Front (31K)         Right Front (44K)       Right Rear (31K)         Right Tail (44K)      
Stearman Bi-plane

Really a nice little bi-plane. It is in really good condition with great cloth covering and paint.

MCAF-Stearman-1s.jpg (41K)
        Left Rear (41K)         

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