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Commerative Air Force, Mesa, Arizona - April 2003

This branch of the Commerative Air Force (a.k.a. Confederate Air Force) has a couple of very nice aircraft. The most unusual, of course, is the Heinkel He-111. There is also a B-17, a B-25, an A-26, a C-45, DC-3, AT-6, O-2, and others. All of the aircraft, of course, do fly. The day I was there, a lot of maintenance was being done because the air show schedule is fast upon them. These aircraft attend air shows all around the country. I was very pleased with the access the maintenance staff allowed me. I was able to get some terrific interior shots of the He-111 that I will always treasure.


Heinkel He-111 - Page 1

This Heinkel He-111 is in VERY good condition, and is airworthy.

MCAF-HE111-77s.jpg (28K) MCAF-HE111-78s.jpg (29K) MCAF-HE111-1s.jpg (32K) MCAF-HE111-2s.jpg (48K) MCAF-HE111-3s.jpg (44K)
        Front (28K)                      Front (29K)                    Right Front (32K)           Right Front (48K)          Left Front (44K) 

MCAF-HE111-4s.jpg (54K) MCAF-HE111-79s.jpg (32K) MCAF-HE111-36s.jpg (42K) MCAF-HE111-21s.jpg (37K) MCAF-HE111-23s.jpg (30K)
 Left Nose (54K)            Right Side (32K)               Right Side (42K)         Left Wing (37K)           Nose (30K)  

MCAF-HE111-24s.jpg (29K) MCAF-HE111-25s.jpg (53K) MCAF-HE111-26s.jpg (50K) MCAF-HE111-27s.jpg (36K) MCAF-HE111-28s.jpg (40K)
         Nose (29K)          Cockpit (53K)          Cockpit (50K)          Cockpit (36K)     Right Nose (40K)

MCAF-HE111-29s.jpg (51K) MCAF-HE111-57s.jpg (24K) MCAF-HE111-58s.jpg (35K) MCAF-HE111-10s.jpg (42K) MCAF-HE111-30s.jpg (30K)
        Right Nose (51K)       Right Nose (24K)      Right Nose (35K)        Left Wing (42K)         Left Main (30K)         

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