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Lone Star Flight Museum - March 2001


SBD Dauntless - Page 8

The SBD has even the bomb release cradle.

LSM/SBD-1s.jpg (51K) LSM/SBD-2.jpg (56K) LSM/SBD-3s.jpg (57K) LSM/SBD-4s.jpg (25K) LSM/SBD-5s.jpg (50K)

LSM/SBD-6s.jpg (26K) LSM/SBD-7s.jpg (49K) LSM/SBD-8s.jpg (47K) LSM/SBD-9s.jpg (32K)

TBM Avenger

The TBM has a real interesting color scheme.

LSM/TBM-1s.jpg (54K) LSM/TBM-2s.jpg (40K) LSM/TBM-3s.jpg (54K) LSM/TBM-4.jpg (42K) LSM/TBM-5.jpg (56K)

LSM/TBM-6s.jpg (55K) LSM/TBM-7s.jpg (30K)


Polikarpov -153

The Polikarpov I-153 and 2 I-16s are on loan to the Lone Star Museum from the Alpine Fighter Collection of Wanaka, New Zealand.

LSM/I153-1.jpg (41K)

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