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Lone Star Flight Museum - March 2001


P-38 Lightning - Page 7

A really nice P-38. Putt-Putt Maru is well known on the airshow circuit.

LSM/P38-1.jpg (45K) LSM/P38-2s.jpg (48K) LSM/P38-3s.jpg (44K) LSM/P38-4s.jpg (47K) LSM/P38-5s.jpg (53K)

LSM/P38-6s.jpg (23K) LSM/P38-7s.jpg (57K) LSM/P38-8s.jpg (22K) LSM/P38-9.jpg (60K) LSM/P38-GunCamera-10s.jpg (36K) LSM/P38-11.jpg (39K)

P-47 Thunderbolt

The P-47 Tarheel Hal is also well known on the airshow circuit.

LSM/P47-1.jpg (53K) LSM/P47-2s.jpg (27K) LSM/P47-3.jpg (56K) LSM/P47-4s.jpg (57K) LSM/P47-5s.jpg (41K)

LSM/P47-6s.jpg (22K) LSM/P47-7s.jpg (29K)

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