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Lone Star Flight Museum - March 2001


B-17 Flying Fortress "Thunderbird" - Page 3

Very nice B-17. #4 engine was removed for maintenance.

LSM/B17-8s.jpg (60K) LSM/B17-10.jpg (39K) LSM/B17-3s.jpg (50K) LSM/B17-4.jpg (51K) LSM/B17-5s.jpg (40K)

LSM/B17-8s.jpg (49K) LSM/B17-7s.jpg (49K) LSM/B17-9s.jpg (27K) LSM/B17-1s.jpg (49K)

B-25 Mitchell

The museum's B-25 is also very, very nice; however, I was running short of film - so...I only shot the bombsight and the left engine.

LSM/B25-1s.jpg (29K) LSM/B25-2s.jpg (52K)

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