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Lone Star Flight Museum - March 2001


A-36 Apache - Page 2

NO...It is NOT a P-51, but the ground attack version called the A-36 Apache, powered by the Allison engine. Note the guns mounted in the nose and the airscoop on top of the nose, and the speed brakes and bomb attachment points under the wings.

LSM/A36-1.jpg (49K) LSM/A36-2s.jpg (39K) LSM/A36-3s.jpg (47K) LSM/A36-4s.jpg (38K) LSM/A36-5s.jpg (39K)

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AT-11 Beech

This is a version of the C-45 Twin Beech that has a top turret and a glass nose.

LSM/AT11-1s.jpg (41K)

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