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Lone Star Flight Museum - March 2001

The Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston, Texas has an unbelievable collection of FLYING warbirds. All of the warbirds in this museum can fly. Not all of them do fly because of their rarity. The A-20 Havoc has not flown for some time, but is in very good condition. I have now loaded the complete set of photographs. There were other aircraft present that I did not photograph due to lack of film. There are also: AT-6 Texan, 2 I-16 Polikarpovs, PBY-Catalina, a PB4Y in restoration, and a B-25. The lighting conditions in the hanger are excellent for photography - at least on this day.


A-20 Havoc - Page 1

A very nice Havoc - well restored and airworthy.

LSM/A20-10s.jpg (19K) LSM/A20-11s.jpg (37K) LSM/A20-13s.jpg (20K) LSM/A20-14s.jpg (24K) LSM/A20-15s.jpg (37K)

LSM/A20-16s.jpg (33K) LSM/A20-17s.jpg (22K) LSM/A20-1s.jpg (37K) LSM/A20-2s.jpg (34K) LSM/A20-3s.jpg (25K)

LSM/A20-4s.jpg (22K) LSM/A20-5s.jpg (29K) LSM/A20-6s.jpg (22K) LSM/A20-7s.jpg (21K) LSM/A20-8s.jpg (22K)

LSM/A20-9.jpg (40K)

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