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Ki-61 Hien (Tony) Exhibition, Kobe, Japan, October 2016


Ki-61 Hien (Tony) - Page 15

The first two pictures on this page show the intake manifolds that are on the bottom of the engine. Kawasaki kindly used a mirror to allow visitors to see the bottom of the engine where the intake manifolds are located. The 3rd picture on the 2nd row shows the right side of the rear of the engine. The black round circular blocking plate with Japanese writing on it is the mounting point for the turbocharger. The turbocharger output then looped down the back side of the engine opposite the propeller shaft to meet the intake manifolds on the bottom of the engine. See the bottom picture on this page of an actual DB-601A Engine for turbo-charger mounting.

IMG_1694s.JPG (157K) IMG_1695s.JPG (143K) IMG_1700s.JPG (180K) IMG_1701s.JPG (189K) IMG_1703s.JPG (174K)

IMG_1706s.JPG (160K) IMG_1708s.JPG (159K) IMG_1710s.JPG (211K) IMG_1975s.JPG (216K) IMG_1976s.JPG (196K)

IMG_1979s.JPG (232K) IMG_1949s.JPG (219K) IMG_1950s.JPG (229K) IMG_1955s.JPG (238K) IMG_1957s.JPG (233K)

IMG_1958s.JPG (209K) IMG_1959s.JPG (207K) IMG_1962s.JPG (227K) IMG_1964s.JPG (203K)

IMG_1964s.JPG (203K) IMG_1964s.JPG (203K)

IMG_1964s.JPG (32K)

German DB-601A Inverted V-12 Engine

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