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Mr. Harada's Lake Kawaguchi Air Park - August 2002

This is the first showing of Mr. Harada's Air Park A6M2 restoration. Also, there was a F-86 and T-33 restorations completed since last year. Of course, the rear-section of the Betty was still there as well as a new model aircraft diorama of a Zero airfield in the Pacific. There is one unique feature of the A6M2 restoration. The bomb release mechanisms are the only known examples left. These mechanisms are from the original wreck.


A6M2 Zero - Page 1

This Zero is in VERY good condition and I would think that it is airworthy. Certainly, the engine runs and now this is perhaps the best restored Zero in Japan. I have not seen any that beat it, but I have not seen ALL of the Zeros in Japan yet. It is certainly better than the A6M5 in the Yasukuni Shrine that was first shown here last year.

H2-A6M2-1s.jpg (35K) H2-A6M2-8s.jpg (38K) H2-A6M2-23s.jpg (47K) H2-A6M2-24s.jpg (52K) H2-A6M2-25s.jpg (47K)
Photos (35K)       Right Side (38K)           Right Side (47K)          Right Side (52K)          Right Side (47K)    

H2-A6M2-26s.jpg (46K) H2-A6M2-61s.jpg (39K) H2-A6M2-63s.jpg (42K) H2-A6M2-9s.jpg (46K) H2-A6M2-4s.jpg (51K)
      Right Side (46K)          Right Side (39K)       Right Front (42K)       Right Front (46K)       Right Front (51K)     

H2-A6M2-60s.jpg (58K) H2-A6M2-2s.jpg (56K) H2-A6M2-17s.jpg (57K) H2-A6M2-3s.jpg (37K) H2-A6M2-38s.jpg (39K)
    Right Front (58K)          Left Front (56K)          Left Front (57K)         Front (37K)         Front (39K)     

H2-A6M2-39s.jpg (66K) H2-A6M2-5s.jpg (28K) H2-A6M2-6s.jpg (31K) H2-A6M2-7s.jpg (38K) H2-A6M2-10s.jpg (25K)
      Front (66K)             Engine (28K)           Engine (31K)         Left Wing Tip (38K)    Right Nose (25K)

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