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American Miscellaneous - Page 8

Outside the museum is a C-46 Commando in Japanese colors. Inside, there are a couple of bomber engines.
Also, a few other planes, such as a Wright Glider, a Pitts Special, some gliders and small tail-draggers and a Wright Glider.

H-C46-1.jpg (16K) H-B29Engine-1.jpg (47K) H-DC3Engine-1.jpg (36K) H-ManPowered-1s.jpg (51K) H-Pitts-1s.jpg (47K)
C-46 (35K)        B-29 Engine (47K)     DC-3 Engine (36K)      Man-Powered (58K)       Pitts (47K)

H-MiscAircraft-1s.jpg (47K) H-MiscAircraft-2s.jpg (42K) H-WrightGlider-1s.jpg (23K)
Misc Planes (47K)    Misc Planes (42K) Wright Glider (36K)

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