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Mr. Harada's Lake Kawaguchi Air Park

This is the first showing of Mr. Harada's Air Park with the completed restoration of an A6M5 Reisen "Zero" and the rear fuselage section of a G4M "Betty". The aircraft are in an old hanger/workshop that makes photography quite difficult. There are very bright spotlights and an open section of windows along one side of the building. These windows cause a lot of lighting problems as you will see from the photographs. There were many dark corners and bright spots. However, with patience and a lot of pictures, I did manage to get some pretty good pictures of the aircraft anyway. I intend to do better next time I go there. I will NOT go near noon again, but much earlier or later in the afternoon when the light from the windows will not be as much of a factor. One really nice thing about this museum is its location. It is practically in the woods - there is no evidence of civilization in the vicinity. That is quite nice for a Minnesota guy like me.


A6M5 Zero - Page 1

This Zero is in VERY good condition, and is perhaps the best restored Zero in Japan. I have not seen any that beat it, but I have not seen ALL of the Zeros in Japan yet.

H-Zero-Front-16s.jpg (53K) H-Zero-Front-18s.jpg (57K) H-Zero-Front-50s.jpg (34K) H-Zero-AirScoop-30.jpg (20K) H-Zero-Canopy-26s.jpg (34K)
Front (53K)           Front (57K)            Front (34K)          Air Scoop (20K)         Right Canopy (34K)

H-Zero-Canopy-27s.jpg (38K) H-Zero-Canopy-53s.jpg (29K) H-Zero-Canopy-57s.jpg (34K) H-Zero-Canopy-71s.jpg (36K) H-Zero-DropTank-35.jpg (27K)
Right Canopy (38K)    Left Canopy (29K)    Left Canopy (34K)       Right Side (36K)            Drop Tank (27K)

H-Zero-DropTank-36.jpg (31K) H-Zero-Engine-21s.jpg (31K) H-Zero-Engine-22s.jpg (24K) H-Zero-Frame-24.jpg (43K) H-Zero-Frame-25s.jpg (54K)
Drop Tank (31K)   Engine CloseUp (31K)  Engine CloseUp (24K)   Fuselage Frame (43K)   Fuselage Frame (54K)

H-Zero-FrontPieces-41s.jpg (43K) H-Zero-FrontPieces-42s.jpg (25K) H-Zero-FrontPieces-43s.jpg (42K) H-Zero-Hinomaru-59s.jpg (22K) H-Zero-LeftFront-11s.jpg (39K)
Front Pieces (43K)  Front Pieces (25K)  Front Pieces (42K)  Left Fuselage (22K) Left Front (39K)

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