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F-1 - Page 8

The F-1 is currently in use by the Japan Self-Defense Air Force.

H-F1-1.jpg (63K) H-F1-2s.jpg (47K)
Left Front (63K)            Left Front (47K)


There is a T-2 (Mitsubishi-built F-4) with cutaways so you can see the internal construction.

H-F4J-1.jpg (47K) H-F4J-2s.jpg (44K) H-F4J-3.jpg (28K) H-F4J-4.jpg (55K) H-F4J-5.jpg (49K)
Right Nose (47K)     Cockpit (44K)     Right Main Gear (28K)   Right Engine (55K)     Right Rear (49K)


The F-2 looks a lot like a F-16.

H-F2-1.jpg (43K) H-F2-2.jpg (32K) H-F2-3.jpg (37K)
Left Front (43K)        Nose (32K)        Canopy (37K)  


It was an incredibly clear day on the way to Hamamatsu and I could not resist photographing the prettiest mountain in the world.

H-Fuji-1.jpg (17K) H-Fuji-2.jpg (25K) H-Fuji-3.jpg (23K) H-Fuji-4.jpg (38K)

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