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T-28 Trojan - Page 7

This T-28 Trojan is also in really good condition. It was hard to photograph against the windows.

H-T28J-1.jpg (80K)
Left Rear (80K)

Sikorsky Helicopter

This Sikorsky helicopter is from the 1950's.

H-Sikorsky-1s.jpg (65K) H-Sikorsky-2.jpg (61K)
Left Side (65K)       Left Front (61K)

F-86 Sabre Jet

There is an excellent condition Sabre Jet inside.

H-F86J-1.jpg (30K) H-F86J-2s.jpg (19K)
Left Front (30K)        Nose (19K)  

F-104 Starfighter

There are two Starfighters at the museum; one outside, and one inside.

H-F104J-1.jpg (31K) H-F104J-2.jpg (44K) H-F104J-3.jpg (39K)
Left Front (31K)          Left Side (44K)         Right Rear (39K)

Vulcan Cannon

There are examples of Vulcan rapid-fire cannon.

H-Vulcan20mm-1.jpg (45K) H-Vulcan20mm-2.jpg (50K)
    20mm Cannon (45K)    20mm Ammunition (50K)  

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