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Museum of Maritime Science, Fune-no-kagaku-kan, Tokyo, Japan - March 2001

The H8K Emily Flying Boat at the Museum of Maritime Science has just undergone an external restoration where all of the glass has been replaced and the old girl has a brand new coat of paint. The aircraft REALLY looks good now, but, of course, it is still out in the Tokyo weather, so it won't be this good for long. Compare these photographs with the ones that I have taken before and you will see that, at least, the external appearance has been greatly improved. The old glass was virtually opaque from pollution etching. If you get to Tokyo, be sure to see this aircraft before it goes bad again.


H8K Emily - Page 1

Of course, it rained again when I was at the museum. I will have to try to get some pictures someday on a BRIGHT, sunny day.

H8K-Front-1s.jpg (37K) H8K-Front-2s.jpg (47K) H8K-Front-3s.jpg (23K) H8K-Front-4s.jpg (33K) H8K-Front-5.jpg (39K)

H8K-Front-6.jpg (53K) H8K-Front-7s.jpg (65K) H8K-Front-9s.jpg (38K) H8K-Engine-1s.jpg (37K) H8K-Engine-2s.jpg (25K)

H8K-Engine-3s.jpg (25K) H8K-Engine-6s.jpg (15K) H8K-Engine-7s.jpg (55K) H8K-Engine-10s.jpg (15K) H8K-Engine-11s.jpg (65K)

H8K-Engine-12s.jpg (35K) H8K-Gear-1s.jpg (27K) H8K-Gear-3s.jpg (26K) H8K-Gear-4s.jpg (35K) H8K-Gear-5s.jpg (52K)

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