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Chiran Peace Museum - August 2004

A good friend of mine took these photos at the Chiran Peace Museum in Kagoshima, Southern Kyushu, Japan. He took the pictures on the sly because photographs are supposedly not allowed inside the museum. BUT, I am glad to finally get some pictures of a Tony and the Frank that was lost for a while.


Ki-61 Hien (Swallow) Tony - Page 1

This is the ONLY known Ki-61 on display in the world. There are pieces of them lying around, but this is a fully museum restoration. Really nice to see.

Ki-61-1.JPG Ki-61-2.JPG Ki-61-3.JPG Ki-61-4.JPG Ki-61-5.JPG
   Left Front (84K)               Left Wing (65K)              Left Nose (101K)              Engine (106K)              Left Rear (109K)   

Ki-61-6.JPG Ki-61-7.JPG Ki-61-8.JPG Ki-61-9.JPG
   Right Rear (91K)         Right Fuselage (95K)          Right Side (117K)             Left Rear (131K)         

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