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Champlain Air Museum - April 2003


Me-109 Emil - Page 5

The Me-109E here is an excellent restoration and DOES fly. It is in the colors of a squadron leader.

C-Me109E-22s.jpg (38K) C-Me109E-8s.jpg (48K) C-Me109E-21s.jpg (42K) C-Me109E-7s.jpg (55K) C-Me109E-14s.jpg (51K)
       Right Side (38K)          Right Side (48K)           Right Side (42K)         Left Nose (55K)            Nose (51K)        

C-Me109E-15s.jpg (52K) C-Me109E-16s.jpg (40K) C-Me109E-32s.jpg (69K) C-Me109E-19s.jpg (41K) C-Me109E-27s.jpg (34K)
          Nose (52K)              Nose (40K)         Left Rear (69K)        Right Front (41K)     Right Front (34K) 

C-Me109E-28s.jpg (60K) C-Me109E-18s.jpg (22K) C-Me109E-17s.jpg (41K) C-Me109E-31s.jpg (44K) C-Me109E-9s.jpg (48K)
              Right Front (60K)     Right Main (22K)     Right Wing (41K)       Right Canopy (44K)      Left Fuselage (48K)          

C-Me109E-10s.jpg (43K) C-Me109E-29s.jpg (49K) C-Me109E-30s.jpg (56K) C-Me109E-12s.jpg (44K) C-Me109E-20s.jpg (47K)
             Left Fuselage (43K)     Right Fuselage (49K)      Right Tail (56K)     Left Fuselage (44K)     Right Tail (47K)             

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