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Luchtvaartmuseum Aviadome - Schipol, Netherlands - October 2000

On my last trip around the world, I had a few hours of extra time in Amsterdam. I found that there is a small museum right on the airport. It is about a 1 km walk from the main terminal. Some of the trip is outside (about 2 blocks), so be prepared. However, the walk is worth it. There are some decent aircraft on display in the museum. All of the writing is unfortunately in Dutch, but, that is not a big problem. I think the walk was well worthwhile. The name Aviadome is appropriate; the museum is housed in a geodesic dome.

us50.gifWright Flyer

Right inside the entrance to the museum is a good example of the Wright Flyer.

WrightFlyer-1.jpg (46K)

fr.gifBleriot XI

A good condition example of this French aircraft.

Bleriot-XI-1.jpg (32K)

german_cross.gifFokker DR-1 Triplane

A very nice triplane is hanging from the ceiling.

Fokker-DR1-1.jpg (40K) Fokker-DR1-2.jpg (51K) Fokker-DR1-3.jpg (46K)

gb.gifSupermarine Spitfire Mark 9

A nice diorama of a Spitfire in Dutch colors. Also, 2 cutaways of a Merlin and a Griffon engines.

SpitM9-1.jpg (44K) SpitM9-2.jpg (32K) SpitM9-3.jpg (44K) SpitM9-4.jpg (21K) SpitM9-5.jpg (48K)

SpitM9-6.jpg (52K) SpitM9-7.jpg (34K) SpitM9-8.jpg (53K) SpitM9-9.jpg (58K) SpitM9cockpit-1.jpg (26K)

Merlin-1.jpg (56K) Griffon-1.jpg (49K) Griffon-2.jpg (44K)

german_cross.gifV-1 Buzz Bomb

And, of course, a pretty good V-1 Buzz Bomb hanging from the ceiling.

V1-2.jpg (33K) V1-3.jpg (42K) V1-4.jpg (37K) V1-5.jpg (31K) V1-6.jpg (32K)

V1-7.jpg (53K) V1-9.jpg (45K) V1-10.jpg (48K) V1-12.jpg (37K)

us50.gifDouglas DC-3

On top of the office ceiling, there nestles a DC-3.

DC3-2.jpg (43K)

nl.gifFokker F-VII Transport

Interesting early single engine transport. (Correction of name by Henk Hirs)

Fokker-F2-1.jpg (68K)

nl.gifFokker D-VIII Model

I thought it was interesting that there was a model of a D-VIII in early Dutch Army Air Corps colors (Orange circle NOT Red). (Correct ID supplied by Jim Pecht).
(Correction of markings by Henk Hirs).

FokkerD8Model-1.jpg (33K)

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